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Placing Modifiers Where They Best Represent Your Intended Meaning

Of course, a life’s partner could just say “I love you” and leave it at that; but we do like to add dramatic emphasis to our declarations of devotion, so, have at it! Move this modifier (“only”) down the line (placing it in each blank), and explain its new meaning or...

The SAT and the ACT and the Curse of the Reading Section

Here is one strategy a respected educator offers test-takers to help them cope with the dreaded Reading section of either major standardized test: "Before reading the answer choices, come up with your own answer to the question: This strategy is exactly designed...

Ah! Youth Soccer!

Coaches EML & JB honor their last All-Star squad

For Standardized Testing: Grammar, Usage, Mechanics

CONCEPTS TO REVIEW: RedundancySubject-verb AgreementPronoun-antecedent AgreementFaulty ParallelismDangling ModifiersPunctuation, particularly colons and semicolonsComma SplicesPossessivesPronoun Usage (each, every, any)Verb TensesPossessives Faulty Parallelism We must...

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Today marked the 40th anniversary of the day my mom took her own life, mirroring to a shuddering degree what my dad, her husband, had done exactly 12 years prior. I spent today in reverent remembrance of the amazing, loving woman my mother was – even as she was, as we...

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            It was springtime, May of 1982, a season full of capricious breezes, mounds of hope, and heaps of mindless anticipation.  She was a scraggly goofball thing, a frenzied ball of fur, the little...

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Punctuation Matters

Whether writing an essay or a personal statement for college admissions consideration, a cover letter when applying for a job, or perhaps a letter or email of a less formal, more personal nature…precision of expression is crucial. After all, you won’t be looking over...

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I was an avid dreamer When I was very young: Aspiring to pierce fantasy, To sing songs yet unsung. I longed to sail mighty ships On stormy, ancient seas; To pioneer the Wild Unknown, To penetrate God's mysteries. I thought myself a dauntless soul, An enemy to fear;...

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