Morals amuck and a pick-up truck are what brought the two together –

She in lace with that angelic face, he in grime and fine-creased leather.

Their love was crossed from the very beginning –

She frowned in a frenzy ‘cuz he kept on grinning

When she spilled coffee in a Starbucks shop

And he reached ‘cross her back to help guide the mop –

And in a hillbilly minute neither would have missed

He tilted her sweet lips and the two lovers kissed.

For a year their lovelust brightened the stars,

Till a felony charge landed him behind bars.

And tired of waiting for her leather-clad hero,

She let love’s RPMs drift to zero.

When her boyfriend finally got out of jail,

He realized his love was veering toward FAIL!

He sought her heart and took her to dinner,

Thinking over candlelight he could surely win her.

They talked of the future and of being loyal,

He insisted he’d no longer be Love’s foil.

And as he stuffed his face with Four-Mex Cheese,

She beckoned to the waiter, whisper’d, “Separate checks, please.”

So, the moral is obvious: Regardless of your sex,

You know your heart’s broken when she orders separate checks.