(a sonnet of sadness defeated by resolve)

Ignite, crackle of kindle, so welcome an intrusion!

Light ‘pon reflection of that snowy ‘scape of youthful folly –

Of days when tedium and torment played deceptively jolly.

Voracious Age yields us that blessed skill of soothing exclusion:

Exit, Hurtful Retrospect!  Is Youth but illusion?

Melt, Flame, thinking more on that foolish finale:

Yesterday’s diffusion of family.  O!  Gloating Melancholy,

Flicker regret for distortion of our dreams. Bittersweet delusion!

Regardless: Time has not fetched us yet, and still

It proffers years to rewind that straggled thread

Eroded of Love’s delicately woven silk of Will;

Never ‘gain must our own Fires be tempered, by false pride misled.

Do we not live to love, to fight, to falter, to feel?

Singe this heart with delight: reforge our Family’s seal!