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Students are under a great deal of pressure to obtain high scores on standardized tests in order to be accepted into prestigious universities. Often, public schools are unable to give students the one-on-one, individualized attention that is needed to learn the tools that are necessary to become better writers and more analytical test takers. This is even more true now that virtual learning has become the norm and not the exception.

  • Enhance Student Writing
  • Perfect College Admission Essays
  • Improve Critical Reading & Analysis of Literature
  • Boost SAT & ACT Scores

At Tone Your Apps, we are focused on providing personal attention to every writing and reading detail; we strive for the highest levels of client satisfaction, and we will do everything we can to exceed the norm—and to make enjoyable the whole process of learning and developing skills.

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Praise For Gene Legg

  • "Over the next six weeks, it became evident that that Mr. Legg was a truly genuine person, one who cared immensely about his students, and was passionate about helping them meet their goals and grow as individuals. Yes, my son raised his English SAT score. But, more importantly, he gained a mentor . . . someone he respected, could learn a ton from, and trusted. For a mom, that’s far more important than any score." 
    — Parent
  • "To this day my most profound and proudest essay was edited by Mr. Legg. The college application prompted an essay that demonstrated dedication and hard work, and while I never felt confident in my curricular studies, Mr. Legg encouraged me to write, instead, about one of my greatest passions: Irish Dancing. He knew the secret to take my essay from topically adequate to engagingly entertaining. He inspired me to think outside the box, and because of that risk, my essay was a success."
    — Student
  • “I think he is one of the best teachers and people I have ever known. Gene has a gift with young people—he is able to see what’s good inside each student and help the students see those same qualities.”
    — Supervisor


  • 40 Years of Experience in the Profession of Teaching
  • Honors English, AP English Literature, Creative Writing, Dual Enrollment
  • Teacher Consultant, NV Writing Project
  • Adjunct Professor of English, Northern Virginia Community College, Richard Bland
  • BA, Wesleyan University (CT)
  • Masters of Education, Harvard University (MA)

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