I remember falling in love

‘Neath dazzling blue skies above

With a girl who liked my tennis strokes

Who rode a new bike with shiny spokes

And showed me the road to heavenly bliss –

The magic, my friend, was in her kiss.

I remember after a while

I dreamed of her and that alluring smile                                                                 

And wilting beneath her sensuous gaze

And losing myself in a lustful daze

And knowing I’d lost it and was going to miss

The magic of love – it was in her kiss.

I remember losing my mom and dad

And thinking the rest of my life would be sad

But then I recalled a love so real

It seared my soul with heat I could feel

So hot I could actually hear it hiss

You see, the magic of healing was in her kiss.

And then one day I was grown and knew

My days were numbered. I had left but a few –

So, I planned to meet my Maker on high

With shoulders squared determined not to cry.

When an angel assured me nothing was amiss

I begged for that magic: just one more kiss.

I remember she smiled and said in one breath

There’s magic from me – it’s the kiss of death.

I know, I replied, I’m not afraid,

I’ll take to the grave every blunder I’ve made.

But could you please find for me that shiny spokes miss

Because Eternal Love is in her kiss.

I remember my last moment on earth

Was spent in a whirlwind of delirious mirth

Because my angel found for me my childhood friend

Who was ready too to face the end:

Now Eternity is ours and I can tell you this

That magic’s forever – it’s in her kiss.