Have you seen the ad (force-fed to your iPhone messages) that says next to a picture of The Statue of Liberty “She Doesn’t Stand Here So you Can Sit on Your Couch. Do your Civic Duty. Vote…” When was the assumption made and accepted as a legit concern that all Americans are lazy, unintelligent, and needing of mandates and insults to get anything done? Where is the unity promised during the Presidential campaign? Why are people being fired when there is a worker shortage? This is not a political statement pro or con with regard to the present administration. Rather, it is a call, rising from the ashes of confusion, for common decency and respect. From parents who love their kids being (temporarily, I guess) labeled domestic terrorists to everyone’s blaming everyone else for the border crisis, we are awash in negativity. I am not ashamed to say I love my enemies almost as much as I do my friends; life is simply too short to be trying to run a (human) race in quicksand. And, yes, I’ve already voted. And been “vacced” and “boosted.” Because I chose to, in each instance, not because I was told to. God bless America, the privilege of freedom for which it stands, and you.